9. November 2021 – AFGHANISTAN


Our partner Wellness Worldwide is a volunteer-based organization operating on the ground in Afghanistan. Founded by the doctor Meena Said who herself fled form Afghanistan to the US when she was a child, she knows of the dire situation many Afghani communities were in even before the Taliban took over. And now, the organization expects things to become worse. Their mission is to provide healthcare as well as educational and social support to vulnerable populations both domestically and internationally. As part of this, they are currently raising funds for their Food Aid Program aiming to distribute meals and food aid packages to the most vulnerable populations in Afghanistan, among them many women and children.

Afghanistan is facing an impending humanitarian crisis: the drought of the last few years, the Taliban rising back to power and an economic collapse is endangering the Afghan population. A recent report from the ICP projects that 22.8 million Afghans will face high levels of acute food insecurity by November 2021. This means that in the future, more and more people will become dependent on the help of humanitarian organizations. However, many aid organizations have decreased their activities at a time when the population needs them the most. Wellness worldwide has used its existing network of local volunteers on the ground to identify communities at risk and address the food scarcity situation.

In October 2021, their team traveled from Kabul to Kunduz to distribute emergency aid packages to 2,000 people in need. Kunduz was one of the worst hit provinces following intense fighting in July and August, leading to many civilian deaths, displacements, and a worsened hunger crisis. The emergency aid packages include items such as rice, flour, kidney beans, chickpeas, sugar, tea, dried milk, cooking oil, body soap, shampoo and detergent to sustain 300 families for a month. The communities of central Kunduz reported they had not received any aid for almost an entire year.

Our Project #AfghanistanWeSeeYou aims to raise awareness and collect donations for our partner organizations carrying out critical humanitarian work on the ground in Afghanistan. With your help, Wellness Worldwide is able to fill the needs gap created by the freezing of financial aid by international donors and the withdrawal of many international organizations from Afghanistan, and can continue to support families in need.