Since the Yazidi Genocide in 2014, HÁ has been advocating for the rights of people who are persecuted, discriminated, or marginalized. Our advocacy work is aimed at actors and decision-makers in politics, business and academia, as well as broader sections of European and global society. We organize events such as the HÁ Human Rights Award, give guest lectures on European and international stages, participate in conferences such as at the United Nations, as well as consulting politicians and decision-makers on women’s empowerment issues. In doing so, we develop collaborative solutions to promoting more open societies characterized by tolerance, empathy and solidarity. We understand the power of storytelling and visibility and are not afraid to present the issues we care about in a media-effective way.




  • Legally binding recognition by governments worldwide of past as well as ongoing genocides and ethnocidal campaigns against ethno-religious minorities.
  • International prosecution of suspects accused of committing crimes against humanity and using sexual violence as a weapon of war. We demand action according to the principle: “No safe haven for the perpetrators and no impunity”.
  • Structural, financial and psychosocial support for particularly vulnerable women and children who want to rebuild their lives in a self-determined manner and without fear. This can be achieved through:
    • Combating the root causes of human flight and displacement and by empowering women on the ground
    • Special quota programs for survivors identified as particularly vulnerable
    • Educational campaigns & political advocacy
  • Women should be recognized as “agents of change” both within European society as well as within development contexts and given a place and a voice at the decision-making table. No girl in the world should be afraid to seize opportunities and to “think big”.