Self-confidence. Team spirit. Courage.

Education, physical exercise, and a sense of belonging are central to the healthy development of young people with and without histories of flight and migration. The SCORING GIRLS* projects offer girls and young women – regardless of their background, socio-economic status or faith – the chance to work together to identify their strengths and passions and build up enough self-confidence to realize their dreams in life. Through team sports, school and homework help, career guidance and the involvement of strong female role models, project participants learn to treat each other with respect and believe in themselves – whether in the classroom or on the soccer field. We see our girls developing key life and social skills such as team spirit, empathy, a sense of responsibility, and leadership strengths that may otherwise never have come to light.

SCORING GIRLS* was founded by former professional league soccer player and HÁ co-founder Tuğba Tekkal in Cologne in 2016. Tuğba herself has Kurdish-Yazidi roots. Her parents fled Turkey for Germany in the 1970s, even before Tuğba was born. She remembers: “One of my teachers once said to me: You’ll only make it as a cleaning lady anyway! I had to hide my playing soccer from my parents. Thanks to the support of some amazing people, I still managed to make my own way – even to the Bundesliga.” Looking at the goal of SCORING GIRLS*, she says, “The strength I was able to draw from the confidence and support of those who believed in me back then is something I want to pass on to our girls today.” As of today, the SCORING GIRLS* projects in Berlin and Cologne have reached over 150 girls from more than 15 countries and with a wide variety of life stories.



Self-confidence. Overcoming trauma. Team spirit.


Trust and reliance: On the training field, in the classroom, in life.



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