Over the past 20 years, Afghanistan has given birth to a generation characterised by freedom and opportunities for all. On August 15th 2021, the Taliban completed their takeover of Afghanistan seizing the capital city of Kabul. With that, two decades of progress vanished overnight and the hard-fought advances in women’s rights are now in jeopardy. Hundred of thousands of people are trying to flee the country and its unfolding humanitarian crisis. In response, HÁ and its partners launched the initiative Defend Afghan Women’s Rights and raised over 160.000€ for afghan women’s organisations providing urgent humanitarian relief on the ground. However, the situation remains critical and media reporting has decreased over the past weeks.


  • RAISE AWARENESS of the situation faced by women in Afghanistan and direct media attention to the unfolding humanitarian crisis on the ground.
  • FUNDRAISE FOR HUMANITARIAN RELIEF and the delivery of emergency food packages and medical care by our partners on the ground.
  • ADVOCATE FOR CONCRETE ACTION including binding political commitments to evacuate women, especially human rights advocates, journalists, judges, and their families who are at high risk of being targeted by the Taliban via safe passage programs.


  • 50% of funds raised by #AfghanistanWeSeeYou will go toward desperately needed humanitarian relief delivered by our project partners; WELLNESS WORLDWIDE and Afghanischer Frauenverein on the ground.
  • 50% of funds raised will go towards awareness and advocacy campaigns and activities aimed at furthering the protection of women’s rights in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the MENA region.



The history of repression of women and minorities under Taliban rule has caused rampant fear among Afghan women and human rights advocates around the world. Bans on employment, education, and even on leaving the house without a male relative, have become a bitter reality for the more than 19 million women living in the country. In addition, half of the Afghan population, around 18 million people, is dependent on humanitarian assistance. Some 3.5 million Afghans are internally displaced, while almost as many have fled to neighbouring countries or the region at large. The already weak economy has slumped further since the Taliban seized power. Many people who used to be able to provide for themselves without any problems have lost their work, resulting in them and their families becoming dependent on assistance. At the same time, a severe drought is decimating the harvest yields.



#AfghanistanWeSeeYou is supported by the following partners:


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