Our educational projects ImpACT aim to create understanding and empathy for diverse realities of life among young people through the power of personal encounters. In doing so, we help young adults acquire the skills to shape a peaceful, just, and sustainable world by taking an active role in their community guided by openness, understanding, and tolerance.

The nationwide educational project LEARN to ImpACT empowers students from various educational backgrounds to actively engage in social, environmental, and political issues. We support young people in their search for their role in society and our globalized world.

At TRUTH TALKS we create spaces of encounter in order to build understanding and empathy for other people’s backgrounds and personal histories. We offer young people studying at extracurricular educational the opportunity to participate in workshops and to exchange ideas with people who have experienced discrimination.

Our project for educational institutions throughout Germany


Our project for extracurricular educational institutions throughout Germany



  • “It is important to me that young people learn what has been done to the Yazidis. As ambassador, I want to make as many people as possible aware of our fate, together with HÁ”


    Jihan Alomar
    Author and genocide survivor

  • “I am involved as an ambassador on the topic of flight and migration because I want to help people. This commitment is valuable to me because it’s about people.”


    Sayed Mohammad Hashimi
    Initiative “Jugend Spricht”



  • “What we make possible through our workshops is that we show the realities of our lives. We show young people that it’s not okay to experience racism.”


    Melina Castillo Coppola
    Speaker TRUTH TALKS Project

  • “It touches my heart and I think that’s what you’re trying to do. It also helps you to reflect on yourself.”


    Franziska Schmid
    Founder of “Junge Tüftler*innen”

  • “I think it’s super important to work on and raise awareness of anti-racism, anti-semitism and sexism. That’s why HÁ is one of our partners.”


    Jasmin Osmanovic
    Anniversary project “365 Jahre Westfälischer Frieden”



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