With BACK TO LIFE Germany, we support women and children who survived ISIS captivity and are in Germany as part of the Special Quota Programs for survivors who have been identified as particularly vulnerable. The projects assist these women and their families with their integration in Germany. With the help of culturally sensitive psychosocial counseling and educational workshops on topics such as culture and women’s rights in Germany, we help the families to come to terms with traumatic past and become confident actors within German society

The BACK TO LIFE projects build on each other through measures to address the root causes of human flight and displacement in Iraq on the one hand and focusing on measures for successful integration in Germany on the other. Ever since the Yazidi Genocide in 2014, many survivors still live in refugee and IDP camps across Iraq, Syria and Turkey. A few thousand people, who had been identified as particularly vulnerable, were granted asylum through special quota programs in Germany, France and Canada. Germany took in a total of about 1,170 surviving women and children. In 2016, Baden-Württemberg became the first German state to welcome around 1,100 people from northern Iraq to this country. The state of Brandenburg followed suit in 2019, granting around 72 people a second chance at life.



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