19. August 2021 – SCORING GIRLS*


After a long year our SCORING GIRLS* were finally able to have an entire day revolve around football on the 31st of July during our Kicker Weekend. We learned a lot about how everything important for football, also relates to daily life beyond the playing field. How do I learn to trust my own skills? How do I communicate proactively with others around me? How do I strengthen my body and become aware of what I am able to do? All these topics are important for day-to-day life!

Workshop about Communication

In different workshops about topics like strength and body awareness, communication and mental strength the girls did different exercises. They got a lot of advice and came to the conclusion that there is a lot more to playing soccer than just playing the game itself. Smaller Exercises and putting in the extra effort are key to become good at soccer, beyond playing the 90-minute game.

After an exciting tournament between our SCORING GIRLS* and the girls of the Frauenfußball-Club Berlin 2004 e.V. we had a prize ceremony with winners only! By playing with others our SCORING GIRLS* were able to peek into a regular sports club, to be inspired to join them one day.

All the girls were especially proud when many parents and siblings showed up to cheer them on during the tournament and applaud during the prize ceremony.


Finally, we had a delicious barbecue to finish the day on a positive note.

On this day we were all connected due to soccer. The soccer field gives any one of us a feeling of being home, no matter which situation you come out of. Every girl was able to feel comfortable und be part of the team, everyone belonged.

Seeing all our SCORING GIRLS* how the played so carefree has brought us a lot of joy and hope, especially after the hard last two weeks.

We want to thank all our partners and supporters for making a day like this even possible: Deutsche Postcode Lotterie, Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge, Adidas, Landessportbund Berlin e.V. / sportbunt, Buntkicktgut Berlin, Frauenfußball-Club Berlin 2004 e.V.. And of course, our amazing team!