17. March 2021 – SCORING GIRLS*


HÁWAR.help has recently joined iFLIPP (Innovating Football Leadership through Practice and Policy). The EU-funded project brings together a unique EU-wide network of football organizations and NGOs. They work together toward a goal that is close to our heart: diversifying football, especially by pushing for the inclusion of women and ethnic minorities.

iFLIPP gathers and analyzes knowledge provided by grassroots organizations. The expertise that is developed through this process facilitates the transfer of knowledge and serves to formulate universal guidance and concrete policy recommendations.

HÁWAR.help brings the wealth of knowledge it has acquired through many years of project work to iFLIPP. Since 2014, SCORING GIRLS* uses football as a vehicle to strengthen young women and girls’ self-confidence, team spirit, empathy and respect. It helps them recognize their strengths and pursue their passions, regardless of their origin, faith or socio-economic background.

Amongst our first responsibilities in the project, which is scheduled to run until 2023, is the development of a toolkit. The goal is to design interactive and learner-focused formats that guide football organizations and associations on how to break down structural barriers, accompany the professional development of women and ethnic minorities in football, as well how to pursue inclusive leadership.

We are delighted to be part of iFLIPP and look forward to working closely with our project partners: the Portugal Football Federation, Erasmus University Rotterdam, EUSA Institute, Malta Football Association and Integrated Dreams, alongside our project coordinator, the Fare network.