1. We demand that the German government’s promises of admission, which have already been made, be honored and those particularly endangered persons – such as activists, media workers and lawyers – who are not yet on the evacuation lists be immediately evacuated and admitted by Germany and other EU countries.

2. We call for Europe-wide special quotas and unbureaucratic, humanitarian visa-on-arrival procedures so that particularly at-risk persons and their families in bordering countries and final host countries can live in safety and dignity.

3. We call for international funding to be allocated to humanitarian emergency aid and sustainable development projects, and that the aid reaches the population again through trusted, intermediary aid organizations, in order to avert a humanitarian catastrophe. This includes immediate humanitarian assistance to internally displaced persons and those who have already fled to neighboring countries such as Pakistan.

4. Education is a human right and must not be denied under any circumstances. We, therefore, call on the international community to exert diplomatic pressure on the Taliban government to ensure that girls and young women are granted access to schools, training centers and universities without restriction.

5. We call for the decriminalization of flight. The EU must stop closing itself off and must live up to the obligations given under its constitutions and protect basic human rights. The EU must signal the states and governments on the flight routes from Afghanistan that it is ready to assume its responsibility.

6. We call for transparent and unbureaucratic communication regarding the requirements for visas and the status of admission of the affected persons. This requires an increase in resources at the embassies of the neighboring countries and the responsible departments within the EU.

7. We call for acceleration and simplification of the family reunification process for Afghans living in Europe. In Germany, this is covered by Article 6 of the Basic Law, which stipulates the protection of marriage and family, and states that nuclear families should not be denied reunification.