29. December 2020 – SCORING GIRLS*


Now it’s official: Anne Will, a German Television presenter, takes over the patronage of SCORING GIRLS*! In the summer of this year, we were able to expand the project in such a way that even more girls with and without migration and flight backgrounds can now benefit from the free soccer training at two new locations – in the Berlin districts of Marzahn-Hellersdorf and Lichtenberg. Now, the popular TV journalist and polit-talk presenter paid us a visit at one of the new locations – and announced that she is taking over the patronage for the project. Anne Will was already impressed by SCORING GIRLS* at a very early stage, which we launched in 2016, at a time when it was still uncertain whether our ambitious project had a future. It was also thanks to her support that we were able to continue and expand our work with SCORING GIRLS*. There could hardly be a more suitable patron for this heartfelt project than Anne Will. That she has taken on this responsibility is a special honor for us!

This means that SCORING GIRLS is in very good hands!