Addressing the root causes of human flight and displacement through education, skills, and reconciliation.

The BACK TO LIFE Women’s Empowerment Center in Iraq provides a safe place for women and girls of all faiths to process and heal from trauma, learn new skills, and gain work experience in the BACK TO LIFE Shop. The center was built in 2018 in a camp for internally displaced people (IDPs) in northern Iraq and has since been expanded. As of today, over 2,600 women and children have participated in weekly literacy and handicraft courses, as well as educational workshops on topics such as women’s rights, entrepreneurship, and mindfulness. Within all the BACK TO LIFE project activities and events, Yazidis, Muslims and Christians grow beyond their role as victims together and learn from each other. The project thus makes an essential contribution to ethno-religious reconciliation and to combating the causes of human flight and displacement in Iraq.

From the BACK TO LIFE Women's Empowerment Center



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