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HÁ has accompanied and supported the feminist revolution in Iran from the beginning and sees itself as an ally and an advocate for the freedom movement and for human and women’s rights in Iran. We stand up for these very rights internationally and condemn the horrible practices of the Iranian regime, which violates and disregards these rights every day. Our work in support of the people of Iran has three main focus points:

  1. We formulate political demands to promote democracy and human rights – always in a non-partisan and open manner. We are in close contact with people from the Iranian diaspora in Germany, hold discussions, and make sure that the demands from the population and the diaspora reaches political decision-makers.
  2. We provide background information, report on current developments in the country, and often do this faster and in more detail than the classic news sites. We feel it is our duty to inform people in Germany about the escalating events in Iran.
  3. We organize campaigns and demonstrations in order to mobilize people to support the Iranian revolution. We connect individuals and organizations who want to support Iranian people at home and abroad and increase their reach.
  4. We run the sponsorship program for political prisoners in Iran who are threatened with execution and/or long prison sentences.

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HÁ e.V. is a human rights organization that was founded in 2015 on the ashes of the Yazidi genocide and today implements development, education, and awareness programs in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Germany. We also work in advocacy on the ground and digitally – including on the revolution in Iran. We stand for the endeavor to create a world in which every human being, regardless of gender, origin, or faith can develop in a self-determined and safe way. We envision a world where human rights are respected as the highest good and women and children need not be afraid to seize opportunities and dream big. A world where educational initiatives and open societies particularly support those who are scarred by life but still have the courage to go on.

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