19. August 2021 – SCORING GIRLS*


The new cohort of participants of SCORING GIRLS* Career met for the first time last week. During this initial workshop, they could get to know each other and the HÁWAR.help team.  Conversation flowed and laughter resonated, even virtually. The young women* exchanged on their professional interests and wishes for the future.  

“I want to be able to shape my life independently and not have to live according to other people’s expectations,” said one participant. The participants’ shared ambition to become strong women* and to be able to exercise an interesting job gave them plenty to talk about.

In small groups, the girls* further discussed their career aspirations as well as their plans and goals for the future. When asked who their role model was, most of them had to think for a while. One of them concluded that she has a whole range of role models, including her own mother: “Besides my mother, you are a role model for me with your work. You give us courage, support us and believe in us. That is not evident at all.” We can only return that, our SCORING GIRLS* are a source of inspiration for our daily work. The incomparable strength with which they accept challenges and fight for their own future impresses us every day.

“I am often judged because of my hijab. That makes me sad because I know that I can’t become a teacher because of it, even though it should really be about my qualifications… I want to look positively towards the future. Therefore, I have therefore changed my dreams and goals. Now I want to go into office management at Deutsche Bahn and prove myself there.”

Our next workshop on 10 April will be about empowerment. Our SCORING GIRLS* will work out how to become even more self-confident. To do this, we must first become aware of existing structural barriers instead of looking for supposed individual deficits. Additionally, we will develop strategies for mutual support.