9. November 2021 – AFGHANISTAN


Our partner partner Afghanischer Frauenverein e.V. has been working towards peace and reconstruction in Afghanistan since 1992. Their projects, mainly located in rural areas, they specifically aim to support women and children by offering educational programs and access to medical care.

Many international organizations have abruptly left Afghanistan. One international operator alone closed 2,500 clinics within a couple of days. Funds for humanitarian development and aid projects have been frozen out of fear that the money could end up in the wrong hands. This means that aid organizations can no longer carry out their work, at a time, when it’s needed the most. Afghanischer Frauenverein is currently providing first aid on the ground by supporting and financing mobile medical teams and ambulances in the refugee camps in and around Kabul. Every day, the medical teams travel to different refugee settlements in the cityto provide free medical and psychosocial assistance, from 9:00h to 16:00h, six days a week. This is needed particularly now as the population is increasingly scared for their safety, in particular women, and children are suffering from diseases and malnutrition.

Even before the Taliban took power, fighting in Afghanistan’s northern provinces have led to large-scale refugee movements. Well over 40,000 people fled from fighting in Kunduz, Baghlan, Tachar and Badashan to Kabul, where they have since been living in extremely precarious conditions, for example in empty buildings or parks. Very few families have sufficient water and hygiene facilities, a tent or a secure roof over their heads. With the onset of winter, the nights are getting colder and colder. The families rarely receive help. On the contrary, they are often exposed to violence and displacement. They constantly have to move from place to place within the city or having given up, are trying to make their way back home.

Our Project #AfghanistanWeSeeYou aims to raise awareness and collect donations for our partner organizations carrying out critical humanitarian work on the ground in Afghanistan. With your help, Afghanischer Frauenverein is be able to fill the needs gap created by the freezing of financial aid by international donors and the withdrawal of many international organizations from Afghanistan, and can continue to support families in need.