At SCHOOL TALKS, we engage in dialogue with students at schools nationwide and talk about human rights, discrimination, and development politics in an open and safe space. The SCHOOL TALKS format is characterized by showing a film about the worst consequence of dehumanization – namely genocide – and a subsequent dialogue between the students and exciting guest speakers. Through the honest exchange and personal stories of the students and guest speakers from the fields of politics, business and civil society, the next generation is sensitized about development and social issues such as the causes of human flight and displacement, discrimination and other precursors to genocide and war. Through the film discussion and the encounter with experts and survivors, the young people are not only strengthened in their empathy but also in their political ability to act.

SCHOOL TALKS challenges students to think in new ways about development issues and the consequences of racism, political exclusion, as well as inaction and ignorance on the part of society. Often, participants tell us that SCHOOL TALK inspired them not only to become better informed, but also to become more engaged in their communities.


  • “I had a lot of emotions all at once. It’s really very rare that I’m touched like that. Personally, I can always very well understand how others feel. That has my deepest respect, when you are able to just look forward and find hope in life again. I definitely want to help more.”


    Cora-Michelle, 10th grade

  • “I found the film really moving, I was speechless after we watched it. The situation of the people in the film and especially that of the children totally shocked me. I felt helpless at first, but now I plan to stand up against such injustice.”


    Marlene, 10th grade

  • “I learned to think more humanly through SCHOOL TALK and the event expanded my humanity, so to speak.”

    Junge, 10th grade

  • “For me, the film was a real shock. It showed me for the first time how harsh the reality of those affected is. Crimes like this simply happen every day in this world. This has to stop! My generation in Europe does not know war anymore. Human rights violations are unimaginable for us.”


    Henriette, 10th grade

  • “I learned a lot about Yazidism from the film and the discussion – I knew almost nothing about it before. I also knew almost nothing about the conflict on the ground and have only now seen what terrible dimensions it has taken on.”


    Georg, 10th grade

  • “Today encouraged me to get more involved. Through the film and the discussion, I was able to better empathize with the people who come from war zones. For the first time, I heard the affected people speak and saw them in their dire situation.”


    Mira, 10th grade

  • “After watching the film today, I will try to make more people aware of the suffering of the Yazidis. I hardly knew anything about it before, but the film changed that, which is why I definitely recommend it.”


    Lilja, 10th grade


With SCHOOL TALKS, HÁ addresses a target group that, as the future generation, requires special attention. Young people are confronted with strong images and opinions in the media but then are often left alone with their impressions and questions. Topics such as human flight, displacement, and migration are also often ambivalently connotated in public discourse. The so-called “refugee crisis” has resulted in increasing racially motivated attacks and assaults alongside the culture of welcoming refugees in Germany. The rise of extremist tendencies and right-wing populism can be observed worldwide and threatens our human rights and political freedom. To counter this, HÁ uses SCHOOL TALKS to provide development education and raise awareness at schools and other educational institutions nationwide. In doing so, the basics of school pedagogy and didactic principles of political education are applied. In addition to reducing prejudice and imparting knowledge about development policy, SCHOOL TALKS aims to inspire a healthy psychosocial attitude characterized by empathy and commitment in young people.

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