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SCORING GIRLS* Career is a vocational orientation project for girls and young women who want to aim high, but don’t yet know exactly how or in which profession. The project idea was born in 2019 on a sports pitch in Cologne when the girls from the first SCORING GIRLS* project had suddenly grown into young women and brought with them more and more questions about their chances in the professional world. As a result, project initiator Tuğba Tekkal thought: courageous team players who also score goals can use this power to advance in their careers! SCORING GIRLS* Career channels this energy while promoting greater diversity, social mobility, and merit-based opportunities in the German job market. By means of team sports activities, workshops, 1-on-1″ coaching, as well as excursions providing insights into companies, we support the participants in identifying their strengths and interests and in working towards achieving their goals. The SCORING GIRLS* receive advice and support during their transition from school into the working world and, above all, are encouraged to believe in themselves and to “think big”.

The project is aimed at young women who will graduate from high school by 2021 or 2022 and come from socially disadvantaged families with and without a history of migration. As in all HÁ projects, the participants come from different ethnic, socio-economic, and religious backgrounds. Through a combination of practical support in application procedures, the involvement and encounter with inspiring female role models from the professional world as well as playful group activities, prejudices are reduced and the participants’ self-esteem is strengthened. In the process, the young women are encouraged to consider new prospects for the future and also to take paths into technical professions that they would not have thought possible. SCORING GIRLS* training focuses on social impact: The joint project aims to change people’s mindsets from stereotypical classifications of traditionally male and female professions and promote more diversity on the labor market – because there are enough opportunities for everyone, especially in a company like DB.



  • “I would like to say that I am lucky to have joined the SCORING GIRLS*. I felt warm with them as a family and they helped me find an apprenticeship. I am very grateful to them and met girls who I became friends with and did fun activities.”


    Ghufran, SCORING GIRL*

  • “I personally find SCORING GIRLS* Career excellent because I can talk about my problems and together with the other participants I don’t feel so alone with these problems. I find it even more great to meet so many different people!”


    Layla, SCORING GIRL*

  • “Through hands-on help with job applications, as well as the involvement of inspiring role models, young women are encouraged to consider new career paths, including technical careers – something they didn’t previously consider were within their realm of possibilities.”


    Martin Seiler, Deutsche Bahn

  • “We know from experience: Access to the labor market is a big challenge for our girls. Education and work experience were also my personal ticket to freedom. Therefore, I’m even more pleased that the SCORING GIRLS* are getting the chance to discover their strengths and interests.”


    Düzen Tekkal, HÁ

  • “I find SCORING GIRLS* Career really helpful because you learn what is important in your future professional life and you make friends very quickly who are there for us! There are always nice activities that help us!”


    Minnusha, SCORING GIRL


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