24. June 2021 – SCORING GIRLS*


Which activities do I enjoy? Which job suits me? What makes a good application? During the workshop with recruiters from Deutsche Bahn, the participants of SCORING GIRLS* Career explored these very questions.

As the COVID-19 rules are finally becoming less and less strict, we were finally able to meet to meet the Berliner girls* again. The recruiters, as well as the participants from other German states, joined us via video conference. They discussed what a perfect CV should look like, which documents are essential for a comprehensive application, and how to write a convincing cover letter. A photographer also took professional application photos for the girls* on site.

After the workshop, the young women* could relax and exchange amongst each other and with the SCORING GIRLS* team over a delicious and well-deserved, delicious pasta!

The keys for a successful application are now in the girls*’ hands. Together with the HÁWAR.help team, they are now finalising applications for the coveted apprenticeship positions at Deutsche Bahn. We wish them good luck and are already looking forward to the next workshop on the topic “Show yourself from your best side – job interviews”!