We did it, all together! The rallying cry “Jin – Jiyan – Azadi” (“Woman – Life – Freedom”) of the freedom movement in Iran has reached the German Bundestag. Our HÁ petition with 11 demands reached more than 63.000 signatures!


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In order to support the courageous people in Iran in their struggle for freedom and self-determination, we are addressing the Bundestag with a petition containing 11 demands – for a change in Iran policy. In Iran, the murder of Jina “Mahsa” Amini by the Iranian morality police tipped the scales: isolated protests have turned into a revolutionary movement demanding an end to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Those in power are trying to break this revolution: Protesters are being murdered out in the open. Others are being arrested and imprisoned. They are brought to court in mock trials behind closed doors and often without their own lawyers present. On 08.12.22, the first death sentence was carried out against a protester. His name was Mohsen Shekari. Many more could die if the pressure on the regime is not increased and the international community looks the other way. We must make sure to prevent this!

The people fighting for their freedom must have our support.The 63,007 signatures speak a clear language: For too long, diplomatic and economic relations have been maintained with a regime that has mercilessly suppressed its civil society for decades.


1.) An immediate suspension of deportations of Iranian citizens who are currently in Germany.

2.) An easing of entry regulations for Iranian citizens as well as easier access to residence permits. Gender-specific violence and persecution in Iran must also be urgently taken into account in asylum procedures. Germany is committed to this under the Istanbul Convention.

3.) A freeze in diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran and the expulsion of its ambassadors as a clear sign that the Federal Republic of Germany doesn’t look away from the brutal crackdown against the protest movement and condemns it in the strongest possible terms.

4.) Increased protection measures for Iranians in exile in Germany by the German domestic intelligence services.

5.) Measures that directly affect Iran’s power elite: Confiscation of assets and property on German territory. Freezing assets of Iranian individuals and organizations/entities that are directly responsible for the violence against the protesters or enable and facilitate it. This may, for instance, include companies based in Germany that are complicit in the regime’s restriction of internet communications in Iran.

6.) No more political cooperation with lobbyists of the Iranian regime.

7.) A sanctions policy that does not affect the civilian population in Iran.

8.) Suspension of the nuclear negotiations with Iran until further notice.

9.) Iranian civil society and exiled Iranians must be urgently and comprehensively involved in the processes related to political dealings with the Iranian regime. In particular, women and members of minorities (ethno-religious groups, members of the LGBTIQ+ community, and any other discriminated groups) must be included.

10.) The Federal Republic of Germany must immediately demand the documentation of human rights and women’s rights violations by UN bodies, mandate holders and other independent international organizations and participate in the implementation, so that, at a later stage, legal redress is possible and women’s and human rights violations are thoroughly prosecuted.

11.) A shift in the Iran policy of the Federal Republic, which from now on puts the focus on women’s and human rights.

What happened next? The day before the petition was handed over, news reached us of the second execution in connection with the revolutionary movement in Iran. The young man who fell victim to the regime was Majidreza Rahnavard.

The people in Iran want to see political action. For example, that the Revolutionary Guard will be put on the EU terror list. That ambassadors will not only be summoned, but also expelled from EU countries. That no more business will be done with the terror regime. Germany is still Iran’s most important trading partner within the EU. This must change. Because through trade, the regime is able to fill its pockets. The people of Iran are those who are being left empty-handed. Political action is what we want to achieve with our HÁ petition. After handing it over to the petitions committee we also responded to the delegate’s questions on the situation in Iran.

We are deeply touched by all your solidarity with the people of Iran and the encouragement we received for our work! We would also like to thank the Petitions Committee for taking up the issue. The members of parliament will now deliberate and submit a recommendation to the German government. Because even if the EU decides to impose more and more sanctions – the German government can and should do more to send a clear signal to the Iranian government: we will not let you continue to rape, torture and murder the people of Iran.