26. July 2022 – LEARN to ImpACT


The gap between the poorest and richest countries has been widening for years. The UN Sustainable Development Goals include ending poverty in all its forms and worldwide by 2030. But how can this be achieved? In our LEARN to ImpACT workshop focusing on poverty and global inequality, young people develop their own creative ideas that provide initial approaches to solving the challenges of our time.

In our LEARN to ImpACT workshop, young people critically examine issues of social justice in the globalized world and build an understanding of global interrelationships and their own influence on them. They develop creative ideas for solving the complex challenges of our time. Hereby, the topic of fast fashion and the textile industry in Bangladesh serves as a case study.

In a first step, the participants build empathy with a textile worker in Bangladesh, in order to then approach and develop an idea in several steps of how they can change something about the situation in their own surroundings and with the means available to them.


The students from the Gesamtschule in Halle (Westf.) and the Andreas Gymnasium in Berlin strengthened their knowledge of poverty and global inequality during our workshop. They developed a variety of ideas for finding solutions, which they can implement themselves. As part of LEARN to ImpACT, we will support students in implementing their ideas as a next step after the workshop.