26. July 2022 – LEARN to ImpACT


LEARN to ImpACT went to this year’s TINCON in Berlin! TINCON is an annual conference for digital youth culture where young people can inform, network and exchange ideas. Over two days talks, workshops, and Q&As took place on various topics such as net politics, lifestyle, and activism.

Our workshop “Wars, Crises, Chaos – What Can I Do?” was closely tied to current world events, namely the war in Ukraine: Supported by Iryna and Anastasiia from Ukraine, we talked to the young people about how to deal with helplessness in times of global conflict and how to transform frustration into social engagement. The participants developed concrete projects to make it easier for Ukrainian refugees to arrive in Germany. More impressions from our workshop can be found in the story highlights of our Instagram education channel ImpACT.

Anastasiia and Iryna before our workshop.

Iryna and Anastasiia in exchange with the workshop participants.

„I learned in your workshop how incredibly quickly you can come up with your own ideas for helping - even for such big issues as supporting refugees. We developed a really feasible project in only two hours. That gives me so much positive energy.“

Teilnehmer:in unseres Workshops

Among the project ideas developed was the idea of establishing meeting benches in several cities. These should function as places of exchange that enable refugees to come into contact with the wider society. This could include events where refugees share their stories and talk about their arrival in Germany. The conversations should deliberately take place in public spaces and be recorded in order to reach a larger number of people on social media. While this exchange format offers Ukrainians a public platform as well as support, the project aims to promote a broader understanding of the situation of refugees in the host society in Germany.