Education, physical exercise, and a sense of belonging are essential for the healthy development of young people. Unfortunately, especially girls with a migrant background and from socially disadvantaged families often have difficulty accessing support programs, not least due to cultural and financial obstacles. At SCORING GIRLS* Education, an empowerment project for girls aged 8 to 18, founded by former Bundesliga player Tuğba Tekkal in Cologne in 2016, young women are supported in strengthening the skills they need to build self-determined lives and participate in society through access to weekly team sports and educational activities.

Since 2020, with SCORING GIRLS*, HÁ has been bringing girls and young woman from the Berlin districts of Lichtenberg and Marzahn-Hellersdorf, two culturally diverse areas where people from different backgrounds and with often difficult life stories are finding ways to live together,  onto the soccer pitch together. At SCORING GIRLS* in Cologne and Berlin, the young women form new friendships, experience social cohesion and team spirit, and strengthen their sense of responsibility, courage and self-confidence. The project participants learn to treat each other with respect, to successfully manage conflicts and to believe in themselves – whether in the classroom or on the soccer field. Group trips and activities with the girls, their families, and inspiring female role models from the realms of politics, business, sports, culture and science encourage the participants to pursue ambitious dreams and actively help shape society. As of today, the SCORING GIRLS* projects in Berlin and Cologne have reached over 150 girls from more than 15 countries and with a wide variety of life stories.


„My soccer shoes were my gateway to freedom. I would like to pass on these opportunities that I had to fight so hard for, but which were possible in our society, to the SCORING GIRLS*.“

Tuğba Tekkal


  • “I’m the team captain and I am pretty busy at home because I shoulder a lot of responsibilities for my mother and my brother. We fled from Syria. In 2019, I did the DFB JuniorCoach training and now I play in a club. My dream is to become a professional soccer player like Tuğba!”


    Silva, SCORING GIRLS* Cologne

  • “At SCORING GIRLS*, I’m not just there to play soccer. The training gives me much more and I look forward to it every week. I have made new friends there. Together we experience many things, exchange ideas and learn a lot from each other.”


    Lili, SCORING GIRLS* Cologne

  • “What a story! It shows how integration can really work. Through dedication and team sports. The girls learn a lot at the same time: how to play soccer, of course, but they also build self-confidence, team spirit and improve their German language skills.”


    Anne Will

    German Television Presenter

  • “In Iran, girls and women are not really allowed to play soccer freely, only under strict regulations. I am very happy that here I can pursue my passion without fear.”


    Melika, SCORING GIRLS* Cologne

  • “Wonderful work is being done here, which helps refugees to not only better integrate through sports, but but also to make many new connections, which, if one may say so, paves the way into life.”


    Dr. Angela Merkel,

    Chancellor of Germany

  • “I have gained more self-confidence. I now know that with a little courage and discipline, you can achieve a lot. I even transitioned from the welcome class for refugees to high school! Before, I thought I wanted to be a physician’s assistant. Today I want to be a doctor.”


    Hejin, SCORING GIRLS* Cologne

  • “A lot of people say soccer is for boys and not for girls, so I also want to say that girls can play soccer.”

    Kayanat, SCORING GIRLS* Berlin Marzahn



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